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Falcon automatic door – Automatic door for all

Made by KYK,
the best automatic door
manufacturer in Korea.

The products are made, researched, and designed by the expert’s team about the automatic door of KYK in Korea. Falcon is a franchise from KYK.

The Falcon shares technology from KYK, such as production processes and production equipment. At the same time, KYK will be the equipment manufacturer for Falcon. KYK always guarantees the quality of Falcon.

New Brand
From KYK in Korea

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The new brand,
new technologies with
new visions

The Falcon brand was born from the desire to create new equipment with good quality and friendly, affordable prices. Since then, Falcon has combined with KYK to create a new generation device with the changes based on actual research, European technology, and together with KYK’s team of experts.


Advanced design


Users on worldwide


Countries around
the world

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The always best your
choice, that you are
always looking for your

  • Warranty 12 months with all accessory
  • Exchange 1 to 1 with the device’s manufacturing defect.
  • Share and support the device’s information.
  • Support to installer device and repair.